EVO Fab Pro After Dinner Mint Customised Conditioner

EVO Fab Pro After Dinner Mint Customised Conditioner

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The colour in this product is customisable and to allow for proper mixing does not come filled to the top.

Change your colour as often as you like!

As the conditioner is fully customised mix formulations are unique to BLACK and have been tested on real hair. We recommend you test on a few hair strands before applying all over.

The colour in the bottle is not a true indication of how it will colour your hair. That depends on porosity if your hair, how light or dark it is and what undertone is currently present.

As a rule of thumb the colour in the bottle appears darker than what it is on your hair.

The colour is not permanent, designed to fade and wash out of your hair.

Always shake well before use and enjoy!


Shampoo your hair then towel dry really well.( your hair must not be dripping wet)

SHAKE conditioner well

Apply a generous amount all over your hair root yo tip. Void the urge to massage in as this will crush the pigment and make it less effective.

Comb through once and leave for 3-20 mins. Need to apply more conditioner afterwards.


To determine the best method, test on one section of your hair first to see how well it takes.

The longer you leave it on the hair the more intense the colour will be. If the colour seems too intense, mix it with your regular conditioner to dilute it.


If it takes really well leave on for 3-5 mins.

If it doesn’t you can leave on for up to 20mins.